Teen advice guidance

Issues can arise for your teen at school or work, but they may not always come to you for advice or know how to deal with them. Hear from parents just like you who have been through difficult times with their teens, find out what happened and how they coped. Here are our practical guides on how to have meaningful teen advice guidance with your son or daughter. We've created handy guides on dealing with everything from exam pressure to truancy and bullying. Some teens may be tempted to teen advice guidance with alcohol, drugs or smoking and as a parent that can feel frightening.

Teen advice guidance
Teen advice guidance
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Teen advice guidance

Parenting teenagers

Alcohol and drugs. Learn about what's out there, how to spot problems and how to talk to your teen if you're worried. Mental health.

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Teen advice guidance
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Alcohol and drugs. If you have any questions, our counsellors are here to help - you can talk to them free online. Learn about what's out there, how to spot problems and how to talk to your teen advice guidance if you're worried.

Teen advice guidance
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Teen advice guidance
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